AIC Technology

ACCURACY IS AFTER ALL ALWAYS KEY when the target is to combat fuel theft, improve fuel efficiency, train and reward drivers or boat pilots, increase team fuel consumption awareness. At AIC Systems we are convinced that fleet managers, engineers, drivers, pilots must count on a reliable and accurate fuel consumption measuring device for their continuous fuel efficiency improvement actions.

NO NEED FOR CALIBRATION AND CORRECTION FACTORS. AIC Systems Fuel Sensors come calibrated out of the box and provide a guaranteed fuel consumption measurement accuracy. No need of calibration after installation, thus saving time and money. The same system can be used on across a large range of vehicles size and type, making consumption comparison easy and cost effective.

IDEAL CHOICE. For any sort of accountability and reporting application, the AIC Systems metering solution is the safe choice because no user intervention is required. Compensation or calibrations are not part of our installation. AIC Systems are "Plug and Play" and measure accurately out of the box. There is nothing to tint or skew the results, such as compensation algorithm in the calculation of the total consumption or calibration required after installation. This because AIC Systems direct measurement solutions is accurate, simple and easy to install.

EXPERIENCES AND REFERENCES in mobile applications. From a proving ground in Arizona to a train in England, a truck in Germany or a tuck boat in Nigeria, customers from all around the world are relying on AIC Systems direct measurement solutions. We proudly supply the major OEM of engines, machineries and trucks. Their testing, research and developping departments are using daily AIC Systems fuel consumption measuring and saving solutions.

UP TO 15% FUEL SAVINGS. Amoung our worldwide customers are small and large truck and construction equipment fleets. They all achieved fuel savings using AIC Systems fuel Flow Sensors with record levels up to 15%.

We are proud being part of our customers project to better fuel efficiency. Being green must also mean being more cost effective thus saving money.