Depending on your project and fuel efficiency testing objectives, different recording levels resolutions will be of interest. The AIC Sytems loggers offer different resolution options. 1 second interval beeing the smallest, engine on and off the longest.

The DL family devices, in combination with the RecRead softwares, offer a resolution down to one second. On the other side, the recording interval can also be triggered manually. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, testing engineers can trigger the start, pause, stop of a test at a distance of up to 200m off the tested equipment. At the of a test, the recorded data can be sent to a remote location via WIFI or GPRS connection.

For Fleet management, the Board Computer (BC) together with the AFMS Software is a powerful tool for analyzing the fuel efficiency of a complete fleet, assets and drivers. The collected data and generated reports are used for improving fuel efficiency and implementing significant fuel cost cutting actions such as training the bottom driver and rewarding the top or choosing the most fuel efficient equipment for the job.

Of course AIC Fuel flow meter can easily be connected with any third party data acquisitions systems.