The s1465.12 or s1465.24 is a complete connection set for the AIC 5004 and 5008 fuel flowmaster devices. The ensemble includes an outlet power supply, a set of 4 fuel hoses, each made out of two sections, a long and short. The long section is mounted on the 5000 unit. A quick coupling connects the short and the long fuel hose sections and makes the installing and uninstalling of the meter on the vehicle easy and rapid. A special quick coupling for rapid de-airing is also part of set.

A box with 72 pieces brings a wide range of various barb nipples and adaptors to help connecting the long hoses to the vehicle fuel lines.



  • 4 x flexible hoses (two section each) with quick couplings.
  • 110 of 220 V outlet power supply
  • Various barb nipples for flexible hose 8 mm (5/16") to 10 mm (3/8")
  • Quick coupling system for the de-airing operation
  • Various straight and angle threaded adpators
  • hose clamp rings of various diameters
  • T connectors.