The s1460.0  is a complete connection set for the AIC 6004 and 6008 Uniflowmaster device in mobile applications. 4 fuel hoses, each made out two sections, long and short, are supplied. The long section is mounted on the 6000 unit. A quick coupling connects the short and the long fuel hose sections and makes the installing and uninstalling of the meter on the vehicle easy and rapid. A special quick coupling for rapid de-airing is also part of set.

With this set it is possible to uninstall the meter quickly and leave the hoses on the vehicle. Adaptors are supplied with the fitting set to connect the test fuel hoses and use the vehicle without measuring device.

A box with 72 pieces brings a wide range of various barb nipples and adaptors to help connection the long hoses to the vehicle fuel lines.



  • 4 x flexible hoses (Two section each) with quick couplings.
  • Various barb nipples for flexible hose 8 mm (5/16") to 10 mm (3/8")
  • Various straight and angle threaded adpators
  • Quick coupling system for the de-airing operation
  • hose clamp rings of various diameters
  • T connectors
  • Cupper washers.