AIC Systems Flowmeters Applications
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AIC systems fuel flowmeters are designed for accurately and reliably measuring, testing and monitoring fuel consumption on combustion engines.

Identical devices are suitable for mobile and stationary applications and can be used across a wide range of power and engine make. Standard fuel types such as diesel, LFO, MFO, biodiesel, gasoline, alcohol based, can be measured.

The measuring range from 0.5 to 9000 liters per hour (0.15 to 2400 GPH) offers solutions from the small car to trucks, heavy construction equipment, boat.

Various data acquisitions systems are available. Board computers, gateways for connection with windows laptop, gateways for connection with mobile Android devices, windows and Android acquisition softwares for data analysis.

Telematics solutions with web interface for consumption, distance, location and multiple parameters is one of most recent development. The telemactic package offers to the customers freedom of data availability almost instantaneously worldwide.

Upon request, AIC Systems will provide tailored solution.