AIC Fuel consumption measuring flowmeters are designed to easy connect with third party data acquisition systems of different make. Such application is popular at many of our customers.

For your fuel saving programs you might favor a complete package.Flowmeter + telematics + customizable web interface, supplied by the specialist of fuel consumption measuring and monitoring systems such as AIC Systems AG.

The combination of AIC flowmeters with a GPS tracking device for fleet management is proven to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption. Fuel cost savings up to 15% are achieved.

Watch in real time the vehicle route and consumption. Generates reports and compare vehicles and driver behaviors using the same fuel consumption measuring device. Real and objective comparisons become possible and accepted by all the players.

Fuel efficiency improvement program can then efficiently be implemented.

With the user friendly interface, your fleet data are available on the move and alerts keep you informed as wished on PC, tablets or phones.