BC 3034 Board Computer
BC3034 Front 500x163 72dpi

The BC 3034 Board computer is a multifunctional display with data logging capabilities. With 14 functions it will display various values such as:

  • Instantaneous consumption.
  • Average consumption (3 decimals).
  • Cumulated consumptions (3 decimals).
  • Instantaneous speed.
  • Average speed.
  • Distance traveled
  • Working hours.

Thanks to the permanent and resetable counters keep an accurate history of the fuel consumption and travelled distance informations.

The logged data are retrieved using the USB port on the front face.

The switching from Metric to US system is done at the touch of a button.



Sensor inputs
  • One NPN pulse input, directly compatible with any AIC fuel flowmeter
  • One PNP distance pulse input to connect optionnaly to your Odometer
Distance and speed pulse input
  • Up to 30000 pulses per km.
  • Speed up to 299 km/h.
Fuel consumption pulse input
  • From 30 to 9999 pulses per liter.
Data logging
  • 4 MBytes.
  • Real time clock.
  • Capable of recording 6000 starts and stops or 6000 lines in a csv file
  • Logging capability of about 100 hours at 1 minute recording interval.
USB flash memory
  • Up to 4 GBytes.
  • Data from up to 1000 vehicles can be retrieved with one USB stick.
  • Supply: 8 to 28 VDC - protected against polarity reversal.
  • Consumption max 100 mA.
  • Size: 21 x 6.3 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 1200 gr.
  • 2 mm coated steel case housing.


  • BC3034 Front 500x163 72dpi
  • BC3034 USBkey 500x157 72dpi