DL 4045 Light data logger
DL4045L TroisQuartersFront 72dpi 567X294

Monitor and record fuel consumption, distance and speed on your Windows computer, Android smartphone or tablet over USB and Bluetooth connections.

Process the csv output files in Excel to create meanignfull reports.

Get an accurate fuel economy profile of your engine or vehicle.

Equipped with USB and Bluetooth connections, the DL4045 Light can communicate with two computers simultaneously.

Record the data with a computer located in the vehicle while monitoring the data on a second computer, smartphone or tablet over the air thanks to the wireless Bluetooth link.

A typical data acquistion sytem will comprise:



Sensor inputs
  • One NPN pulse input, directly compatible with any AIC fuel flowmeter.
  • One PNP distance pulse input to connect optionnaly to your Odometer.
Computer connectivity
  • One USB connector type B.
  • Bluetooth link providing 20 to 200 m range in direct view, depending on the antenna.
  • Fuel flow pulse indicator.
  • Speed pulse indicator.
  • Device Activity.
  • Up to 20 meters with the provided standard antenna.
  • Up to 200 meters with the long range antenna and the external Bluetooth adapter (See the "Accessories" Tab).
  • Supply: 8 to 32 VDC - protected against polarity reversal.
  • Consumption less than 2 Watts.
  • Size: 15 x 12 x 8 cm.
  • Weight: 600 gr.
  • DL4045L TroisQuartersFront 72dpi 567X294
  • DL4045L ThreeQuartersRear 72dpi 567x277
  • DL4045L AverageAntenna xxdpi 622x577