904 Front 200x484 72dpi

The AIC 904 VERITAS fuel consumption measuring flowmeter is designed for permanent mount on vehicles chassis. It is the product of choice for fleet management applications. Severals thousands units have been installed worldwide over the past 35 years on various types of vehicles, trucks, machines, boats.

This compact "all in one" unit comprises a sturdy protection hood, a standard fuel filter, a stainless steel mounting bracket and the AIC Orignal Vortex Head. 

This device uses the AIC original direct measuring principle to achieve precise and reliable fuel consumption measurement on any diesel engine.

The AIC 904 VERITAS flowmeter is suitable for engines up to 220 KW (300 HP) and biofuel compatible.

The all in one package construction makes the installation easy and fast.

The AIC 904 VERITAS flowmeter delivers a consumption pulse signal which can be acquired by any AIC GPS trackerAIC data logger, AIC Display or third party data acquisition system.

The units comes factory calibrated and is ready to measure accurately right after installation. Free of additional setup after installation.




  • Proven volumetric mechanical meter with AIC Systems patented electronic.
  • Vertically mounting position for easy maintenance.
  • Works on all engines - (Cummins PT / Scania HPI motors will need an additional device).
  • Accuracy better than +/- 1 % of the reading.
  • Repeatability better than +/- 0.2 % of the reading.
Pulse signal output
  • NPN open collector, up to 10 mA / 28 VDC.
  • 50 % duty cycle.
  • 200 pulses per liter.
  • 12 / 24 V operation.
  • 30 mA consumption.
  • No interferences with existing vehicle on-board electronic (CAN-Bus).
  • Size: 28 x 10 x 16 cm (filter included).
  • Weight: 2.5 Kg.