For real world testing on large engines 

Accurately measuring funsumption on mobile applications in real world situations is and has always been a challenging task. The 8000 series has been specifically designed for responding at this challenging task. The AIC 8000 series has proven records of reliability and accuracy in all kind of situations and environment. Either your test field is in the desert, or the pacific ocean, the 8000 series fuel consumption flowmeter will be your reliable and accurate fuel consumption measuring system.

This portable flowmeter is designed for mobile applications in harsh environment. Based on the AIC original direct measuring principle the 8000 UNIFLOWMASTER series offers precise and reliable fuel consumption measurement on any diesel engine. The unit integrates a powerful fuel pump and a high efficiency heat exchanger for temperature conditionning of the warmer diesel fuel returning from the engine.

Mounted on roller it can be easely carried from location to the next.