In 1978 Mr. Rolf Moosman develops the first fuel consumption measuring systems based on the direct measurment technology and with garanteed accuracy in the total fuel consumption measured.


In 1982, AIC systems AG is established and find home in Grenchen - Soluthurn County.


In 2004, AIC systems is aquired by new owners. Mr. Mossmann remains member of the board of directors and technical advisor. The company moves to a larger office in Allschil.


It is almost 40 years ago that AIC Systems AG introduced the first competitive solution for accurately and reliably measuring fuel consumption on mobile assets. Designed and manufacturer in Switzerland, AIC Systems fuel flow meters and fuel consumption measuring solutions were rapidely adopted by engineers, developers, fleet and assets managers, drivers and pilots. Today our systems are used worldwide for testing and improving fuel efficiency of engines, trucks, machines and all kinds of mobile and stationary assets.


Our aim is to offer competitive, accurate, reliable and easy to use fuel consumption measuring solutions.


You need to test fuel consumption on site, on a heavy construction machine in harsh environment, you need to combat fuel theft, you want to train drivers, you are looking for a unique measuring device to measure fuel consumption accross a fleet of various types and makes of vehicles because you REALLY need to compare fuel efficiency, then please contact us.


We will be more than happy to help and share with you our worldwide experiences in fuel saving solutions, consumption testing, fuel theft combat, fuel consumption improvement, consumption control and management, engine tuning, ECU consumption control, consumption benchmarking, field fuel testing.


Please contact us and let us improving your bottom line and emissions reduction.